about the hair stylists

an amazing team of dedicated professional hair stylists

All the hair designers at The Ridge are independent and self-employed.

Please contact the stylist of your choice to make an appointment.

Designer Cindy in anime

Cindy Corral


Inspired by her Grandmother who was a hairstylist, Cindy’s career began in her childhood: “I was always cutting all the hair off my dolls.” Color of any kind is Cindy’s specialty: high-lights, low-lights, multi-dimensional. “Color is so much fun for me. I could do it all day.”


Nancy Godinez


Nancy’s appointment schedule is always full.  But don’t worry, she will always find a spot for you. She rarely says “no,” Nancy’s success is not just due to her willingness to accommodate, or her undying upbeat mood, or that she’s so caring and such a good listener…she is also a great hair stylist!


Dorothy Chance


“I was a hippy college drop-out and not really interested in doing hair, but a friend convinced me it would be fun, so I enrolled in beauty school… and she was right.” Now, 50 years later, Dorothy is still having fun doing hair. She loves precision hair cutting.


Monica Rutherford


 Monica’s favorite haircuts include variations of the bob, layered cuts, and men’s haircuts. In fact, she considers men’s haircuts to be her specialty. Monica likes creating natural looking color with high-lights and low-lights. She also enjoys giving clients natural looking perms. “Hair design is like being a bartender, it’s fun getting to know clients and their families.” 


Yulia Kirillova


“I found a career that satisfies my need to create with my hands and is consistent with my personal everyday credo: Learn something. Help someone. My goal is to help every client to look and feel amazing by providing high quality service, paying attention to detail, taking time to understand one’s needs, finding right style and products for their hair.”



Julia Jezek


Julia is a genius at cutting and styling from toddlers to seniors, men and women, short and long. She enjoys doing all kinds of hair color and considers weaving to be her specialty. “I most enjoy taking a client who wants to do a big change and seeing their reaction when we are done.”


Ann Rojas


“I love the challenge of making fine hair look like lots of hair.” Ann enjoys all aspects of hair design, but her specialty is perming and styling very fine hair. She gets her inspiration for styles by talking to the clients and creating what is best for them and their lifestyle. “Being one on one with people and making them feel good about themselves is the aspect of hairdressing that I enjoy most.”


Rose Hyde


Rose considers styling her specialty and can work miracles with a blow dryer, curling irons and/or rollers. “The reward is making the client feel pretty. I get inspiration just looking at what’s before me and making it better.” Rose also enjoys conversing with her clients: “They are so varied! I love being connected to them, their ups, their downs, their joys. I’m happy to talk with them about anything they want.” And everyone enjoys her charming Southern accent.


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